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About Tropical Plants of Florida

Discover the confidence to buy tropical plants online with our 30-day guarantee. If your purchased plants don’t meet your expectations within the first month, we’re here to make it right. Your satisfaction is our priority, ensuring your journey into the world of tropical plants is a delightful one.

Experience the essence of freshness when you buy plants online from us. We eliminate the middleman, handpicking every plant from our lush fields. Your chosen plants are carefully wrapped and prepared for their journey, arriving at your doorstep direct from our farm, radiating the authenticity of the Florida tropics.

Elevate your space with full-size plants that command attention. When you buy tropical plants online with us, you’re selecting from a collection that promises the stature and grandeur you desire. From elegant palms to vibrant flora, our full-size offerings ensure your space exudes the lushness of a tropical oasis. Find plants perfect for your space by checking your hardiness zone.

Expect nothing less than excellence from the moment your package arrives when you buy tropical plants online through TPOF. Our plants are packaged with meticulous care, ensuring they arrive at your doorstep in perfect health and ready to thrive. The packaging itself is a testament to our commitment to quality, making the unboxing experience a joyous journey.

At Tropical Plants of Florida, we take pride in being your go-to destination to buy plants online. Our curated collection showcases the diversity and beauty of the tropics, while our guarantees ensure your satisfaction at every step. With a seamless online shopping experience, expert guidance, and direct farm-to-doorstep delivery, we’re your ultimate choice for sourcing authentic tropical plants online.

Searching for an easy way to buy tropical plants online and infuse your space with tropical elegance? Look no further than Tropical Plants of Florida and our featured plant the Bird of Paradise, a true natural masterpiece! With its lush greenery and distinctive banana-like leaves, the Bird of Paradise is an exotic plant that effortlessly adds sophistication to any room. Its vibrant charm and low-maintenance qualities make the Bird of Paradise a favorite among plant enthusiasts. Elevate your home’s ambiance with the Bird of Paradise and bring a touch of tropical paradise to your life today.

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Hear What Customers Say About Our Tropical Plants


OMG this Monstera arrived in excellent condition, well packaged No damage and absolutely gorgeous. Bigger than I thought. Love it.

– Valerie D.


First time ordering from this company… Great product was shipped! Can’t wait to plant outside and enjoy all the hummingbirds that love the shrimp tree as well!

– Judy


Bird of Paradise arrived in perfect condition. It actually looks as great as they do in the photos. Quality looks like one you would see at a nursery. Much better than purchasing from a big box hardware store.

– Jose M.


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