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Where to Place Tropical Plants Indoors

Where to place your tropical plants indoors within your home shouldn’t be difficult, but can be tricky! You want to make sure you place your plant in a spot that will make it happy. For a general plant placement guide, check out our compass below!

indoor plant lighting guide tropical plants indoors

Also Consider: Seasonal Changes, Drafts, Humidity Levels

Another aspect of lighting to consider are seasonal changes. The sun is much stronger in the summer than it is during the winter, so make sure to change placements according if needed! Additionally, windows that may see mostly shade and little sunlight over winter could be full of sun rays during summer (or the opposite) based on the suns path. 

While lighting should be the first aspect of placement you consider, there are other aspects of importance as well. Most tropical plants are sensitive to sudden temperature changes, meaning you should keep them away from drafty areas like windows and doors, as well as A/C and heating vents. Humidity levels are another important consideration, as some tropical plants crave higher humidity levels. 

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