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Dwarf Papyrus

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  Light: Partial Sun to Partial Shade

  Pet Friendly: Yes

Dwarf Papyrus Plant

Cyperus papyrus

The Dwarf Papyrus Plant, scientifically known as Cyperus papyrus, adds a touch of elegance to aquatic landscapes and container gardens. With its graceful, feathery fronds, this compact version of the iconic papyrus plant brings a distinctive charm to both indoor and outdoor settings. Adaptable to various light conditions and known for its affinity for moisture, the dwarf papyrus plant is a delightful choice for those seeking a unique and visually appealing botanical addition.

dwarf papyrus

Papyrus Plant Care

Cyperus papyrus

Dwarf Papyrus plant thrives in a range of light conditions, including both sunny and partially shaded environments. When transitioning potted plants indoors for overwintering, providing a bright location is essential. This can be achieved in a sunroom, greenhouse, or even near a sunny window or patio door.

For watering, the dwarf papyrus plant has a constant need for moisture and should not be allowed to dry out. When grown in stand-alone containers outside a water garden, it’s recommended to use a sealed pot without drainage holes, ensuring that the papyrus plant remains consistently soggy to support its optimal growth.

The dwarf papyrus plant is rated for Zones 8 to 10. Find your zone here

The dwarf papyrus plant is pet friendly!

Papyrus Plant FAQ

Caring for a dwarf papyrus plant involves placing it in a location with adequate light, whether indoors or outdoors, and ensuring that it receives consistent moisture. Regular watering is crucial, and when grown in containers, using a sealed pot helps maintain the required level of soil moisture. Trimming any dead or damaged fronds can promote the plant’s overall health and appearance.

The traditional method of making papyrus paper involves harvesting the inner pith of the papyrus plant, slicing it into thin strips, layering the strips in a crisscross pattern, and then pressing and drying the sheets. The ancient Egyptians used this technique to create a form of paper-like material for writing and drawing.

To plant papyrus in a pond, choose a location with shallow water, ensuring that the crown of the plant is above the waterline. Papyrus can be grown in containers submerged in water or directly in the pond bed. Using a loamy soil or aquatic planting medium, plant the papyrus, making sure the roots are covered but the crown remains exposed. Regularly water the plant during the establishment phase, and it will thrive in the aquatic environment.

Trimming the papyrus plant involves removing any dead or yellowing fronds using clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears. Trimming is typically done to maintain the plant’s appearance and health, and it’s essential to cut at an angle to avoid damaging the remaining stems.


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  3. The plant arrived on time, was packaged extremely well; it was of excellent quality (very healthy & full ). Would definitely purchase from this store again.

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  4. packaging was good and the size as expected, but the blooms were dry and yellowed at the ends. The new growth looks nice and green so have hope .

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