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Kangaroo Fern


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Plant: Kangaroo Fern 

Size: Small | 18″ to 22″ Overall Height | 1 Gallon (6″)

Sample Pack of our Tropical Plant Fertilizer

If your nightly temperature is 38°F or below, you need to add a large heat pack for this plant.

We are not responsible for cold damage if you do not purchase a heat pack.

Plant Details


The Kangaroo Fern is a striking plant with leathery, dark green fronds. This fern delightfully brings a tropical look to wherever it’s placed. In tropical regions, it is sometimes used as a ground cover.

Hardiness Zones

The Kangaroo Fern is rated for Zones 9 to 11.

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Pet Friendliness

Pet Friendly, check it out!


The Kangaroo Fern does best with partial sun exposure or indirect light, however this plant also tolerates partial shade.


For watering, water when the soil starts to feel dry to the touch. Do not oversaturate. Given this plants tropical nature, it loves humidity so make sure you provide enough!

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