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Mandevilla Trellis Red and White Mixed

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  Light: Partial to Full Sunlight

  Pet Friendly: No

Red and White Mandevilla Vine

Mandevilla spp.

The Red and White Mixed Mandevilla is a stunning and vibrant addition to any garden or outdoor space. Boasting a delightful blend of red and white trumpet-shaped flowers, this Mandevilla variety offers a striking display of contrasting colors. The twining vines of the plant gracefully climb and sprawl, showcasing a profusion of blossoms that catch the eye and add a touch of elegance to fences, trellises, and arbors. With its love for the sun and ability to tolerate partial shade, the Red and White Mixed Mandevilla thrives in various settings, attracting attention and creating a visually captivating focal point in any landscape.

mixed mandevilla vine for sale

Mixed Mandevilla Care

Mandevilla spp.

The Red and White Mixed Mandevilla is a captivating vine that thrives in sunny conditions while still being adaptable to partial shade. Flourishing in at least six hours of direct sunlight daily, these vines exhibit their best growth and flowering potential. During the intense afternoon heat, they may benefit from some shade, making them versatile for various outdoor settings. Cultivating Mandevilla in containers allows for easy adjustments to shield the plant from harsh sunlight, preventing leaf scorching.

Remarkably, Mandevilla can endure periods of dryness, though it prefers consistent soil moisture. Careful watering, ensuring the soil remains damp but not waterlogged, contributes to the plant’s continuous flowering. Regularly spraying the leaves helps deter pests and enhances humidity around the plant for optimal growth.

The mixed mandevilla vine plant is rated for Zones 9 to 11.

Not safe. Mixed red and white mandevilla plants are toxic to pets. 

Red and White Mandevilla FAQ

Mandevilla vines are best cared for in locations with ample sunlight, ideally receiving at least six hours of direct light each day. While they prefer full sun, they can tolerate partial shade. Adequate watering is crucial, keeping the soil consistently moist but not overly saturated. Container-grown Mandevilla offers the flexibility to regulate sunlight exposure, making it easier to protect from harsh afternoon sun. Regular feeding with a balanced fertilizer promotes healthy growth and abundant flowering.

Mandevilla plants, including the mixed varieties, are typically treated as tender perennials or annuals in colder climates. In regions with mild winters, they might exhibit perennial characteristics, returning each year. However, colder temperatures can lead to frost damage or kill the plant. To ensure survival in colder climates, consider overwintering Mandevilla indoors or providing protective measures during colder seasons.

The size of Mandevilla plants can vary depending on the specific variety and growing conditions. In general, Mandevilla vines can reach lengths of 8 to 10 feet or more, showcasing their climbing nature. When cultivated in containers, their growth might be more controlled. Regular pruning can also manage their size and shape, encouraging bushier growth and enhancing the overall appearance.

Mandevilla plants, including the yellow variety, contain toxins that can be harmful to cats if ingested. It’s essential to keep Mandevilla out of reach of curious pets and monitor them closely when these plants are present. Symptoms of toxicity in cats may include gastrointestinal distress, drooling, and vomiting. In case of suspected ingestion, prompt veterinary attention is advised.


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  2. I am NEVER DISAPPOINTED with Mikes plants they are GORGEOUS

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  3. The red and white mandevilla arrived with both flowers on and many buds . Soooo pretty . Can’t wait to show it off outside ! Thank you !

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  5. came in perfect condition!!! Thank You!

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