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Snow Bush Care Guide

The easy to care for snow bush goes by a few different names: breynia nivosa and snow on the mountain!

Why People Love This Plant

This tropical beauty is loved for its red, white, and green colored foliage, which gives the illusion of flowers! The snow bush does produce flowers on mature plants occasionally which are smaller sized, circular red fruits. Not to be confused by its name, the snow bush is not a fan of snow! 

Your Guide to Care

Care: Easy 

Light: The snow bush loves light! The more light you give your plant, the brighter its colors will be. Try to give bright, unfiltered light most of the day if indoors. Full to partial sun is ideal. 

Water: This plant likes to be kept moist. Try to water once every one to three days, and do not let the soil dry out.

Temperature: 65 to 75F is their ideal temperature range. Breynia nivosa will tolerate temperatures down to 60F, below which make sure to bring indoors (if your plant is outside). 

Humidity: In addition to consistent watering, make sure to provide this moisture lover sufficient levels of humidity! You can provide this by using a humdifier, pebble tray, or misting.

Feeding:  Fertilize monthly during spring and summer.


Breynia nivosa is a fast growing plant, so make sure cut your plant back as needed. The best time to do this is over winter.

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