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7 Spooky Plants For Halloween Decor

This Halloween, why not step away from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with a tropical twist? By incorporating these plants into your Halloween decor, you’ll infuse an element of intrigue and macabre beauty into your celebrations. These exotic plants, with their unique qualities, will bewitch your senses and ignite your imagination, ensuring a Halloween that’s far from ordinary. So, get ready to celebrate Halloween in style with these captivating tropical wonders!

7 Plants for Halloween Decor

Croton Mammy

When Halloween rolls around, Croton Mammy’s are a staple in many households. With their vibrant, leaves in shades of red, orange, and yellow, these plants add a burst of autumn color to your decor.

Symbolism: Strength and Perseverance

Folklore: Milo of Croton was a renowned wrestler and athlete in ancient Greece. According to the tale, Milo used a young calf as his training partner. Every day, he would carry the calf on his shoulders and as it grew, so did his strength. This  illustrate the principle of gradual progression and consistent effort leading to great feats.

Maintenance Grade: Crotons are relatively low-maintenance and thrive indoors, so they’re an excellent choice for both novice and experienced plant enthusiasts. Check out the full care guide


Loropetalum, with its magenta-colored flowers and deep purple foliage, has an aura of mystique and elegance. The dark, rich colors make it a perfect fit for a Halloween-inspired setting.

Symbolism: Mystery and Passion 

While there may not be a specific legend linked to loropetalum, it doesn’t diminish the beauty that this plant can bring to your garden or home decor. Its striking appearance, vibrant colors, and elegance can stand on their own as a captivating addition to your outdoor or indoor space.

Maintenance Grade: This plant can thrive in various conditions, making it a versatile addition to your collection.

Duranta Tree

The Duranta tree, with  clusters of purple flowers, embodies the mystical side of Halloween. Its purple blossoms are reminiscent of the night sky, and its striking beauty can add a touch of enchantment to your decorations.

Symbolism: Mystical  

Also know by the name  Golden Dewdrop from its showy, dropping trails of golden fruits, but beware! golden dewdrop are poisonous to humans.

Maintenance Grade: Duranta trees are relatively easy to care for, making them an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their Halloween ambiance. Check out the full care guide

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    Croton Petra

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Croton Petra

Croton Petra, with its vibrant and diverse leaves, is a striking addition to your Halloween decor, adding a touch of resilience and vibrant beauty.

Symbolism: Change and Resilience   

Folklore: there isn’t a specific folklore story associated with Croton Petra, this plant’s vibrant and variegated leaves can be seen as a symbol of resilience and diversity. The striking colors and patterns on its leaves may represent the idea that strength and beauty can emerge from diversity, much like a tapestry of life’s experiences.

Maintenance Grade: Croton Petra is relatively easy to care for

Alocasia Regal Shields

Alocasia Regal Shields, with its dark, regal foliage, is a unique choice for Halloween decor. Its large, shield-shaped leaves create an almost gothic atmosphere. The plant’s deep green leaves seem almost otherworldly, making it an ideal candidate for adding a touch of the supernatural to your setting.

Symbolism: Change and Resilience   

Folklore: Alocasia is often referred to as ‘the tree that reaches for the heavens’ and is believed to be the beanstalk from the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk. This embodies the notion of embracing opportunities as they come, even when they carry risky experiences.

Maintenance Grade: Alocasia Regal Shield plants can be tricky to grow, but they can be easy to care for when given the right environment. Check out the full care guide

Braided Shrimp Tree

Shrimp bush/tree, with its unique name and captivating appearance, can bring a fun and slightly eerie element to your Halloween-themed garden. The vibrant orange and red hues of its flowers resemble shrimp, and its playful appearance adds a whimsical twist to your decor

Symbolism: Creativity and Transformation

Folklore:The Braided Shrimp Tree’s story is due to the distinctive appearance of its flowers. The plant produces long, arching stems with cone-shaped clusters of bracts that are typically white or light green at the base and gradually turn pink, resembling the appearance of cooked shrimp. These unique bracts give the plant its common name, as they bear a striking resemblance to the crustacean.

Maintenance Grade: Braided Shrimp Tree Medium- easy  to maintain and can be pruned to shape, making it an excellent choice for creating your own Halloween-themed topiary.

Mona Lavender

Mona Lavender, with its deep purple foliage and striking lavender flowers, offers an air of mystery to your Halloween decor. This plant is associated with calm and relaxation, which can be a nice contrast to the excitement of the season. Its elegant presence and captivating fragrance make it an intriguing choice for your Halloween plant collection.

Symbolism: Purity Serenity, Grace, Calmness, Loyalty, Tranquility, Love 


  • In Spain and Portugal, lavender was burned in bonfires on St. John’s Day to ward off evil spirits.
  • In magic, lavender was used to protect against the evil eye, demons, and evil spirits.
  • Lavender was hung over doorways and at the entrances to homes to protect the inhabitants against evil spirits.

Maintenance Grade: Relatively low-maintenance plant. It’s known for its drought tolerance, and when provided with the right conditions, it can thrive

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