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Bring Some Florida Beauty into Your Home!

The Sunshine State’s warm climate and abundant sunshine provide the perfect conditions for cultivating a diverse array of lush, exotic flora. As you tend to your tropical plants, you’ll discover a deep sense of joy and satisfaction in nurturing their growth, creating a personal oasis that reflects your passion for nature.

Bring Some Florida Beauty into Your Home!

In Florida, the USDA Hardiness Zones range from 8a in the northern part of the state to 11a in the southernmost regions. The humidity in Florida plays a significant role in supporting tropical plants, as many of these species thrive in humid environments. The average humidity in Florida hovers around 70-75%, creating a suitable atmosphere for tropical plants to grow and flourish.

When incorporating tropical plants into your Florida landscape, patio, or windowsill, take into account crucial factors like sunlight exposure, soil composition, and water needs to guarantee their prosperity in your particular environment.

Tropical Plants for Florida

Here are some of our recommended tropical plants that will look great in your Florida garden:


Hibiscus plants are a popular and vibrant addition to Florida gardens, known for their large, showy blooms and lush foliage. The warm and humid climate in Florida provides ideal growing conditions for these tropical beauties. Two best-selling hibiscus varieties that thrive in Florida are the Multi Color Braided Hibiscus Tree and the Fiesta Hibiscus Tree. These stunning plants add a splash of color and visual interest to any landscape with their impressive flowers.

Duranta Tree

The Duranta Tree is an exquisite and versatile addition to Florida landscapes, thriving in the state’s warm, humid climate. This fast-growing, ornamental tree features cascading clusters of delicate flowers and attractive berries, creating a stunning visual display. With proper care, including well-draining soil and full sun to partial shade exposure, the Duranta Tree flourishes in Florida. Embrace the captivating charm of the Duranta Tree as it transforms your Florida garden into a lively, tropical haven.

Mona Lavender

Mona Lavender is a delightful and vibrant plant that can enrich Florida gardens with its lush foliage and striking purple flowers. Thriving in the Sunshine State’s warm and humid climate, this low-maintenance plant adds a touch of elegance and a pop of color to your landscape. With proper care, including well-draining soil and partial sun exposure, Mona Lavender flourishes in Florida.

Banana Ensete Maurelii

Banana Ensete Maurelii is a stunning and eye-catching plant that can bring a tropical vibe to Florida gardens with its large, lush leaves and rich red accents. Flourishing in the state’s warm and humid climate, this ornamental banana plant creates an impressive visual display and adds a dramatic touch to your landscape. With proper care, including well-draining soil, consistent moisture, and full sun to partial shade exposure, Banana Ensete Maurelii thrives in Florida, transforming your outdoor space into an exotic paradise

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