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Quick Care Instructions for Shrimp Plants

Light: These plants can handle full sun to partial shade, however they prefer the sun to not get too strong. So if you can, providing them with morning sun would be ideal. They need sunlight to develop their colors, however too much sunlight will cause their color to fade. If growing indoors, provide your plant with bright light, again taking care to avoid full midday sun.

Water: Shrimp plants prefer well drained soil, so you could use a well draining sandy soil. These plants will leaf drop if you keep them on the dry side so in the summer make sure to give them plenty of water (this could mean watering 1 to 2 times per week), especially if kept outside. In winter you will be able to not water as much, but keep the soil damp and don’t allow it to fully dry out.

Temperature & Humidity: 65 to 75 F is a shrimp plants ideal temperature, in the fall/winter do not let your plant see temperatures below 55 F. Shrimp plants love humidity so make sure to provide some!

Feeding: During warmer months you should regularly feed your shrimp plant, it likes a lot of food! This could mean feeding it once every week! You can lessen or stop fertilizing over winter.

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