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Spring is Here!

Spring is here (in Florida) in all it’s glory! As spring approaches your state you may be wondering what plants you should add to your collection, and we’re here to help! Tropical Plants of Florida offers several different categories of tropical plants and there is a perfect one (or twenty) out there for you!

1. Tropical Foliage

Let’s start with the basics, tropical foliage plants. Tropical foliage plants are hands down some of our best sellers! Plants like bird of paradise, monstera deliciosa, and zz are favorites due to how well they do inside homes.

Typically tropical foliage plants will be various types of green, however there are foliage plants that add a pop of color and sometimes occasional flowers as well! The hawaiian ti cordyline and variegated ginger plants are perfect to add some pops of pink and yellow! Canna lilies, while a flowering a plant, have stunning foliage and will add a beautiful splash of color! Spathiphyllum peace lilies are another example of flowering foliage. Its darker green foliage is beautiful, and you also get white flowers!

Spring is Here Monstera Swiss Cheese Plant

2. Flowering Bushes

What’s that plant in our logo? It’s a hibiscus flower, because we love hibiscus plants. Flowering bushes are great in a pot indoors, surrounding your pool, or planted in your front yard; who doesn’t love a blooming hibiscus bush in all it’s glory? Whenever I see a hibiscus plant I instantly feel that cool tropical breeze and sun on my cheek, like I’m on an island. Let yours take you there too! 

Another great tropical flowering bush is the Ixora family, which includes two red varieties and a yellow! I’ve seen this planted with bleeding heart plants and boy is it pretty. 

spring is here yoder orange hibiscus bush

3. Flowering Trees

So if you really love your hibiscus bush, or a bush just isn’t right for you, maybe a tree is! Our four colored mix hibiscus tree is beloved by many because you get to see a variety of colors! Over the hibiscus talk? Another great flowering tree is the shrimp tree! Yes, you heard right. The shrimp tree produces red flowers that, well, look like shrimp! It’s sure to draw in attention. 

Flowering trees are great when used as the centerpiece of a planting or in a pot! Many people like to pot them and place them next to their front door.

Braided Hibiscus Painted Lady Pink Tree

4. Palm Trees

Palm trees are great plants by themselves or with others. While arranging plants for photographs the other day, I was playing with majesty and chinese fan palm trees. I absolutely loved framing them around our blooming canna lilies, which gave a pop of color in the middle! They truly made me feel like I was taking photos in a jungle! Palm trees can’t help but add the ultimate tropical vibe.

What’s that phrase? All I need are palm trees and a cool breeze (and maybe a flowering plant for color).

Chinese Fan Palm

4. Hanging Baskets

Looking for some porch décor? Then a hanging basket is perfect for you! We have fern baskets and flowering baskets. Who hasn’t seen the classic hanging fern on a neighbors porch (or yours). This is the perfect plant to say to the world SPRING IS HERE! 

Now for flowering, I’ve mentioned Hibiscus plants, but another specialty of ours are the vining mandevilla and dipladenia plants. Available in multiple colors this plant is excellent as a hanging basket because of its vining qualities!

Just a side note here, we use metal hangers, not plastic ones.

Kimberly Queen 12In Hanging Basket

5. Trellis Plants

Lastly, but certainly not least, a trellis plant may be exactly what you’re looking for. Trellis plants are plants that we have already started growing on a trellis for you and are perfect for transferring to your own trellis/lattice you want covered in a flowering vine. 

Water and care for these plants properly and watch them cover the area you’ve given them and put on a show all summer for you! These plants are probably some of our best kept secrets. Shh.

Apricot Mandevilla Trellis 3 Gallon

Which plant will you choose?! 

Want to know something cool? All of the photos in this article are from our happy customers! (Aside from the intro and ending pictures.)

Happy Planting!

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