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New Yorkers, it's Time to Get Tropical!

Are you a New Yorker missing the sights and greenery of Florida? Don’t fret – with just a few tips, tricks, and resources, you can bring the lushness of Florida into your home with tropical plantsWith a wide selection of cold hardy tropical plants and the best low-light tropical plants, any New Yorker can have their lush Florida foliage. So why not embrace the feel of tropical air and enjoy the best indoor tropical plants available?

Tropical Plants in New York: New Yorkers, it's Time to Get Tropical!

 When you place your order, we carefully package it, so it arrives in New York in perfect condition. We can also add an extra layer of cold protection with a heat pack and recycled blue jean blanket.

As per the USDA map, New York’s Hardiness ranges from 3b to 7b. People living in zone 3a may not necessarily be able to grow the same plants in the same way as those living in zone 7b. Proximity to large bodies of water and elevation will play a role in the temperature variances seen on the map. All it takes is a few tips on how to take care of them diligently and you’re in for a great experience.

During colder months, place your tropical plant near a south-facing window with plenty of indirect sunlight. Keep these low-light tropical plants away from drafts or drafty windows, ideally in an area that reaches around 70°F. 

The Best Tropical Plants for New York

Here are some of our tropical plants that will flourish in New York with proper care:


Growing one of our 1 Gallon Hibiscus Bushes, like the Yoder Yellow Hibiscus indoors in New York is a fantastic way to bring a touch of the tropics to your home or small patio space. These compact, tabletop-sized plants are perfect for adding a burst of color and charm to any area, even in limited spaces. To ensure the success of your indoor hibiscus plants, provide them with a south-facing window that offers full sunlight, as these tropical beauties require ample light to thrive and produce their stunning blooms.

Bird of Paradise

Growing Bird of Paradise plants indoors in New York is an excellent way to bring a touch of exotic beauty to your home. While they are known for their spectacular flowers, the main appeal of Bird of Paradise plants is their lush and striking foliage. These plants are adaptable and can tolerate a range of light conditions. When growing Bird of Paradise indoors, provide them with well-draining soil and consistent moisture, ensuring that the plant never sits in standing water. With proper care, a Bird of Paradise plant can flourish indoors in New York, transforming your living space into a lush, tropical haven with its captivating and dramatic foliage.

Majesty Palm

Growing a Majesty Palm in New York is a wonderful way to introduce a tropical flair to your apartment, providing a vibrant and lush atmosphere even in urban settings. This eye-catching palm can instantly transform any indoor space with its graceful, arching fronds and elegant stature. To ensure the success of your Majesty Palm, place it in a location that receives bright, indirect light, as it prefers consistent, diffused sunlight. Our Majesty Palms can flourish in a New York apartment, elevating the tropical vibes of your living space.

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“Large majesty palm arrived in perfect condition in the middle of winter (don’t forget the heat pack). The plant was meticulously packaged and well insulated. Does not compare to what you’ll find at big box stores or local nurseries if you live in the north. Worth every penny!”

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