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Get your Tropical Plant Fix in Texas!

Enjoy the beauty of your home or garden with tropical plants that thrive in Texas’s distinctive climate! When adding tropical plants to your Texas landscape, porch, or window, consider essential factors such as sunlight exposure, soil composition, and water requirements to ensure their success in your specific setting.

Get your Tropical Plant Fix in Texas!

In Texas, USDA Hardiness Zones vary from 6a in the northern regions to 9b in the southernmost areas, accompanied by fluctuating humidity levels. Consequently, Texas experiences a diverse range of temperatures, with the northern parts being cooler than the southern parts.

Selecting tropical plants that adapt well to Texas’s climate ensures that your tropical plants can withstand the region’s temperature and weather conditions. For instance, plants not accustomed to the heat and humidity of Texas’s southern zone 9 region may have difficulty surviving, while plants lacking cold-hardiness may not withstand the colder temperatures in the northern zone 6 region. Opting for tropical plants compatible with Texas’s climate can minimize the maintenance needed to keep the plants healthy. Naturally, our tropical plants can be nurtured indoors if your chosen exotic plant is not ideally suited for Texas’s climate.

Tropical Plants for Texas

Here are some tropical plants that will flourish in your Texas home, living space, or garden:

European Fan Palm (Chamaerops humilis)

Our European Fan Palm is a versatile and low-maintenance palm tree that can thrive in Texas’s diverse climate conditions. This cold-hardy, drought-tolerant palm adds a touch of Mediterranean charm to your Texas landscape, while its compact size and fan-shaped fronds make it an excellent choice for both small gardens and larger outdoor spaces. Enjoy the beauty and resilience of the European Fan Palm as it flourishes under the Texan sun, creating a stunning focal point in your garden.

Sky Vine Trellis (Thunbergia grandiflora)

The Sky Vine is a stunning, fast-growing vine that flourishes in Texas’s climate, providing both beauty and functionality when trained on a trellis. This sun-loving plant produces vibrant blue or white flowers that create a captivating display in any garden. A Sky Vine trellis not only adds a vertical element to your Texas landscape, but also serves as an attractive privacy screen or living wall, bringing a touch of tropical elegance to your outdoor space. Enjoy the splendid blooms of the Sky Vine trellis as it thrives under the Texas sun, enhancing the charm of your garden.


Hibiscus plants are a tropical delight that can flourish in Texas gardens, bringing a vibrant splash of color and an exotic touch to your landscape. These heat-loving plants produce large, showy flowers in a variety of hues, creating a stunning visual display. With proper care, including adequate water, well-draining soil, and sunlight, hibiscus plants can thrive in Texas’s warm climate. Embrace the captivating charm of hibiscus plants as they transform your garden into a lively, tropical paradise under the Texas sun.

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Morgan, on March 25, 2023

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I am so impressed with the plant I received! Absolutely beautiful ❤️ very healthy with lots of new growth coming in, no bugs or suspicious leaves. Shipping was fast and she was packaged very well in a cute wrapper to contain the dirt and a support in case shipping doesn’t go well. So excited to watch her grow and witness these blooms!!! Thank you for such a smooth purchase and amazing hibiscus!!

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