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Virginia! Let’s get Tropical with Tropical Plants of Florida!

Growing tropical plants from the sunshine state of Florida in Virginia brings with it a unique set of benefits. From getting a touch of the tropics to your home to introducing exotic colors, shapes, and sizes to your garden, there’s no denying that Florida’s tropical plants for Virginia can be an exciting adventure for any gardener. 

Virginia! Let’s get Tropical with Tropical Plants of Florida!


Growing tropical plants in Virginia can be challenging yet rewarding, as the region’s climate, characterized by hot summers and cold winters, falls within USDA Hardiness Zones 5-8.

While not all tropical plants are suitable for Virginia’s climate, gardeners can cultivate some hardier species or grow tender varieties in containers that can be moved indoors during the colder months. Selecting the right plants, providing well-draining soil, sufficient water, and necessary nutrients are crucial for success. Gardeners should also consider microclimates and sheltered areas within their landscapes to protect tropical plants from frost and extreme temperature fluctuations.

With proper care and selection, Virginians can introduce a touch of the tropics to their gardens, creating visually captivating spaces that enhance the local environment.

Tropical Plants for Virginia

Here are some tropical plants that will flourish in your Virginia home, living space, or garden:

Red Passion Vine Trellis

Red Passion Vine Trellis, featuring vibrant flowers, can be successfully cultivated in Virginia with attentive care. While ideal for USDA Hardiness Zones 6-10, it can be grown in containers and moved indoors during winter in Virginia. Plant in well-draining soil, provide full sun to partial shade, and water consistently. The Red Passion Vine plant creates a stunning vertical display in Virginia gardens, adding an exotic element and attracting pollinators to the area.

Fountain Grass

Fountain Grass, a graceful ornamental grass, can be successfully grown indoors in Virginia, adding texture and movement to interior spaces. Select a container with drainage holes, and fill it with a well-draining potting mix. Place the plant in a location with bright indirect light and maintain moderate moisture levels in the soil. Periodically rotate the container to ensure even growth. Indoors, Fountain Grass provides Virginia homes with an elegant, low-maintenance accent and a touch of natural beauty.

Yoder Dwarf Orange Hibiscus

Yoder Dwarf Orange Hibiscus, a compact tropical plant, flourishes indoors in Virginia, showcasing vibrant orange blooms. Plant it in a well-draining container with drainage holes and use a rich, loamy potting mix. Place the pot in a bright location with indirect sunlight, water consistently, and apply a balanced fertilizer regularly during the growing season. The Yoder Dwarf Orange Hibiscus brings a touch of the tropics to Virginia homes with its striking flowers and lush foliage.

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