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Dipladenia Vine Pretty Red

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  Light: Partial to Full Sunlight

  Pet Friendly: No

Red Dipladenia Vine

The Pretty Red Dipladenia Vine Plant, adorned with vivid red trumpet-shaped flowers, is a botanical masterpiece ideal for various settings, from trellises and containers to outdoor vines. This sun-drenched Dipladenia Vine, with its lively red flowering vine, provides a burst of natural beauty that’s sure to captivate. Beyond its visual charm, the Red Dipladenia Vine plant acts as a natural magnet, drawing hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees to your garden or outdoor space.

pretty red dipladenia vine

Red Dipladenia Vine Care

Mandevilla spp.

Thriving in warm climates, the Red Dipladenia Vine Plant reaches its full splendor when nighttime temperatures linger around 65 to 70°F. To nurture this vibrant vine plant, ensure it enjoys the perfect blend of partial to full sun exposure, with a particular fondness for indirect sunlight. This preferred environment not only supports robust growth but also enhances its abundant blooming, making it a captivating addition to your garden, trellis, or outdoor vines.

During the establishment phase, the Pretty Red Dipladenia Vine Plant benefits from consistent watering, typically recommended at a frequency of 2 to 3 times a week. This regimen promotes the development of strong roots and a sturdy foundation for the plant. After the plant is firmly established, you can adapt the watering schedule to align with local climate conditions and soil moisture levels, ensuring the ongoing health and vibrancy of this dynamic red flowering vine among your outdoor vines.

This dipladenia red flowering vine plant is rated for Zones 9 to 11. Find your zone here

The pretty red dipladenia vine is not pet friendly, check it out

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